From now on we suppose your installation has been performed and it is working. Here are some tips for efficient work at ccin2p3:

  • Always make sure that your setup is properly defined somewhere: see Ccin2p3Setup
  • DO NOT FORGET to source in /cmt at each session!
  • Then you should get to know a bit about the multicore (mc) and parallel(pa) farms at cc
    see : (I also suggest you have a look at what an array-job is since some scripts uses them)
  • and probably ask to be added to the list of authorized access persons by posting a ticket
  • You should know about this page that shows the limits and occupancy of the different queues. Be careful when you specify a job. If you specify a resource that is not within those limits the job will hold for ever ...(until you contact the cc asking what the hell is happening!).
  • there are some scripts for submitting batches under the work/batch_cc directory: but it is hard to make them generic. The most important ones are discussed in this article but feel free to adapt them to your group (we may then create a directory dedicate to your group if it is too difficult to factorize)