Your working shell should be bash

Always use the following initializations (for instance in your .bashrc file)

. /dec/users/plaszczy/lib/CMT/v1r24/mgr/
export CAMEL_DATA=/datadec/camel_data
export CMTCLASS=/dec/users/plaszczy/cmtlib
export CMTPATH=/dec/users/plaszczy/cmtlib

1.  Learning CAMEL

There is a dedicated CAMEL branch : follow this link

2.  Using CAMEL for your own analysis

For a more expert work I suggest you rather use the HEAD version, as explained here Use requirements-dec for cmt/requirements

3.  Using your modified CLASS version

that's pretty obvious : simply modify CMTCLASS to your path for CLASS: this requires however some CMT-like structure for your code as class/HEAD More here

4.  Adding your own likelihood

this is explained here (use the CAMEL/HEAD version)

5.  Using CAMEL+AngPow=camgal (executables)

Here you don't need to compile explicitly CAMEL. Follow this link You may add (optionally) the following variable to your init but I have not seen much improvement.

export FFTWDIR=/dec/users/plaszczy/lib/fftw-3.3.7