docker is very popular way of running locally executables already compiled within a light virtual environment (a container)

Before school install the 2 following packages:

  • you should install the docker-ce package. Warning: some defaults implementations sometimes exist on Mac's: you should remove them;

You will find here a very nice introduction to docker (in french!) , you should definitely have a look at it.

  • then you need to install the CAMEL docker image: since it is quite heavy (~500MB) do it before school (with a good connection). Installation is pretty simple:
git clone
cd camel_docker/v3_euclid/

During the school you will run it with


You start within a linux environment in the /home/CAMEL/v3_euclid directory (also known as the CAMELROOT one).

The script automatically creates a shared directory between the container and your computer named output (located where you ran the script) : you should put your stuff in it (as parameter files) using your prefered editor. The area is available in the container in work/output. You should work from here.